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Re: Problem of cross-mipsel-compiler GLIBC-2.3.X

Subject: Re: Problem of cross-mipsel-compiler GLIBC-2.3.X
From: Kumba <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 03:29:10 -0400
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Oddly enough, I followed these basic steps and wound up with a working cross-compiler from sparc64 -> mipseb (Sun Blade 100 to mips big-endian). Gcc nor glibc gave me any issues.....However, when I tried the same exact steps on i686, glibc complained about libgcc not being available, among other things. It's got me baffled, but I'm not exactly complaining. Currently, it's gcc-3.2.3 (propolice patched) + glibc-2.3.2 + binutils-, which it'll get rebuilt for the new binutils 2.14.


Eric Christopher wrote:
On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 19:05, smills_ho wrote:

Dear All,
   I want to make a cross-compilered glibc-2.3.x and I get the source from GCC version is 3.2.3, binutils is The step is as

1. Try to build binutils
2. Try to make static GCC
3. Try to make glibc -----> Then it is failed

Is there anybody know what's going on or somebody had successfully to build
the crossed glibc-2.3.x?

A host cross host compiler for linux systems is a little more involved
than this :)

However, I don't know where you went wrong since you really didn't
provide much in the way of information as to what you did or where it


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