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Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board

Subject: Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board
From: "Michael Anburaj" <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 10:02:54 -0700
Original-recipient: rfc822;

The MIPS box (Atlas running YAMON) has a fixed IP address assigned by me. TFTP boot works fine. But this IP is held within the boot monitor program (YAMON).

YAMON> set

baseboardserial (RO)   0000000197
bootfile        (R/W)  vmlinux.rec
bootprot        (R/W)  tftp
bootserport     (R/W)  tty0
bootserver      (R/W)
cpuconfig       (R/W)
ethaddr         (RO)   00.d0.a0.00.00.ed
fpu             (R/W)
gateway         (R/W)
ipaddr          (R/W)
memsize         (RO)   0x04000000
modetty0        (R/W)  115200,n,8,1,hw
modetty1        (R/W)  115200,n,8,1,hw
prompt          (R/W)  YAMON
start           (R/W)
startdelay      (R/W)
subnetmask      (R/W)
yamonrev        (RO)   02.04

Apart from the dynamic IP address assignment methods....
Suggest me a method to communicate this value to the RAM resident Linux kernel. Or can I assign a fixed IP addredd by passing it as a parameter when the linux kernel boots up? If so what is the syntax & please point me to the document that has this info. about passed parameter when booting the kernel.


From: Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
Subject: Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:20:53 +0200

On Thu, 2003-05-08 03:09:53 -0700, Michael Anburaj <>
wrote in message <>:
> Hi all,
> Finally I got the Atlas 4Kc board running YAMON to talk to Host PC running
> RedHat Linux 9 & download vmlinux.rec throught tftp. I have set-up NFS
> export in the same PC under /export/RedHat7.1
> After the vmlinux.rec got downloaded, I issued the following command on the
> YAMON (MIPS tartget) prompt to start the downloaded linux kernel:
> go . nsfroot=

I think the box doesn't have an IP address, nor has it been told to pick
one. You should add 'ip=bootp' or 'ip=dhcp' to your command line.

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