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Re: Au1500 PCI autoconfig issues with multiple PCI devices?

Subject: Re: Au1500 PCI autoconfig issues with multiple PCI devices?
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: 24 Apr 2003 13:12:11 -0700
Cc: Jun Sun <>, Linux MIPS mailing list <>
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> Here's another question:

> What are the goals of the AU1500 PCI auto config? Is it supposed to be a full
> implementation, or just enough to work with a PCI card? The reason I ask is
> that the DBAu1500 has only one PCI slot, so a simple implementation would
> normally suffice.
> Restated: I don't know if the PCI auto config code was designed to work with
> all sorts of wacky PCI devices. I don't know if the intention of the code is 
> to
> support the single PCI slot present on the DbAu1500 development board, or if 
> it
> is supposed to be more flexible (and complicated). 

The MIPS pci auto should work fine with a single PCI bus and it _should_
be a full implementation. The code was ported from PPC some time ago,
but sub busses were not tested.  Also, if I remember correctly, we
simplified a bit the more complex PPC implementation and maybe you're
seeing the result of that :)


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