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Developing for the Agenda PDA

Subject: Developing for the Agenda PDA
From: penguin365 <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:31:22 -0500
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Hi list.

I am considering to buy an Agenda PDA.  From the kernel sources that were built 
for it, It appears to be running a MIPS VR4181 processor.

I took a look around and found that with some special tools and customizations 
from, it appears to be possible to build a 
kernel for the agenda on a regular x86 box.

I am initially thinking that with the cross-compile tools and such, I should be 
able to build some application for the Agenda as well.  Could someone verify if 
this is the case?

Also, While I dont have an Agenda right now, I was wondering if there is a 
VR4181 emulator out there that will run on linux, similar to how vmware does.  
I've seen the SPIM emulator  Does this 
work for the vr4181 or do i need to find something else?


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