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Problem in pci-bridge or NIC driver..?

Subject: Problem in pci-bridge or NIC driver..?
From: "ashish anand" <>
Date: 9 Apr 2003 14:52:28 -0000
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I am not able to conclude whether my problem belongs to pci-bridge side or towards my NIC drivers.

1> I am using thee network cards in my BSP process ..Intel 82557 , RealTek 8139 and 3COM
3c905b ..all these three card works fine on different machine.

2>I have great difficulty in having serial eeprom and mdio interface both working and responding correctly to pci transactions.

3>in pci io space i can't use 82557 and RTL8139 cards as simply i amn't able to read serial eeprom and hence their MAC addresss remains undetected while on other machine same two card's serial eeprom responds fine in pci io space as well. serial eeprom response in pci mem space is fine but other nasty problems.

However my 3com card serial eeprom responds perfectly fine on my developement system.

So, where is the probelm ..i am confused..

4>but my 3COM card MII interface doesn't respond ( it is having only pci io bar) in pci io space.

while i am yet to get diagnostic reports from mii diag programmes for these card..meantime I want a hint if I need to see anything on PCI bridge side.

Best Regards,
Ashish Anand

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