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Re: Patch to include/asm-mips/processor.h

To: "Hartvig Ekner" <>
Subject: Re: Patch to include/asm-mips/processor.h
From: "Kip Walker" <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 15:07:29 -0700
Cc: "Linux MIPS mailing list" <>
Organization: Broadcom Corp. BPBU
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References: <>
Hartvig Ekner wrote:
> I have no idea whether what I did was correct, but at least it is no less 
> incorrect than the code currently
> in there, which coredumps now for some reason (I wonder why it never crashed 
> before). The test-bit macro
> expects a bit-number, and not a mask which it is given in the current code.
> So while fixing this, I also used the normal cpu_data macro for the 
> cpu_has_watch() macro, instead of
> looking at CPU(0).
> /Hartvig

The second argument to test_bit ought to have been an address, not a
value.  Why didn't this crash before?  I just ran into it too...


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