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need referral

Subject: need referral
From: le <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:35:08 -0500
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Hello all,

I am a newbie who has been lurking on this board for a short while and
I can tell I'm in over my technical head.

I'd like a referral to a list serv that would help me to refurbish
a 1993 R4600PC Indy with 1995 Sony GDM-17E11 monitor which I've recently

It has two internal SCSI HD, no FDD and no CD. The Irix OS is damaged and the system doesn't boot.
I've rigged an old Apple external CD to the SCSI bus and can access the
Irix CD system disks from it. The unit has 4x8MB RAM, 8 bit Indy color graphics and a web cam included.

Some questions:
What are some good uses for this old unit? I have another machine as my primary computer.
I hope to use it for web browsing and image manipulation.
It must work on my 10/100 Mbps LAN and be accessible from a local Mac OS 10.2.4 G4. Should I reinstall Irix 5.3 or upgrade to Irix 6.2. I have CDs for both. I would rather install some linux flavor on this machine instead, due to the availability of software.
If so, what distro? debian, Red Hat, other?

If you could point me in the direction of a list-serv that deals with this level of question, I would be
greatly appreciative.


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