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Re: PROM variables

Subject: Re: PROM variables
From: Vincent Stehlé <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 17:08:00 +0100
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Guido Guenther wrote:
When doing this I'd write into the NVRAM
directly instead of using the Arcs functions, I think the necessary info
is in the IRIX headers.

I had a look at the ARC spec. (ARC/riscspec.pdf), and I am affraid the only (documented) way to access PROM env. variables are the two get/set functions.

In that case, the /proc approach makes sense IMHO.

Looking at hpc3 spec. and ip22-sc.c, I understand that PROM data are stored in the EEPROM behind the hpc3.

Maybe a reasonable approach is:

o write a new char device driver (as pc's /dev/nvram for example)
o move eeprom read/write routines from ip22-sc.c somewhere else,
  and use those routines both in ip22-sc.c and the char driver
o guess the format/offsets of the info. stored in nvram
o then write some user space app. to do the env. variable
  specific part.

In that latter case, the /proc approach makes less sense IMHO.

What do you think ? Am I missing some documentation ? Is there more in the IRIX headers ? (can't check right now, but I have them at home)


 Vincent Stehlé

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