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Re: PROM variables

To: Vincent Stehlé <>
Subject: Re: PROM variables
From: Juan Quintela <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:17:54 +0100
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>>>>> "vincent" == Vincent Stehlé <> writes:

vincent> Hi all,

vincent> Is there a way to get/set PROM variables under Linux ?

vincent> I have an indigo2 with no display, and setting the variables without
vincent> reverting to the monitor through the serial line would be very handy.

vincent> As I doubt there is currently a solution, I was thinking about
vincent> implementing this as a /proc subdir. What do you think ?

You can set them through the serial console in the same way that you
can set it in the monitor?

Are you sure that you have set the prom variables to use the serial

Later, Juan.

In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they 
are different -- Larry McVoy

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