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allocating a large memory area

Subject: allocating a large memory area
From: Hilik Stein <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:28:02 +0200
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Priority: normal
Hi All 
i am building a kernel based fast packet handler which runs on kernel 
my code resides inside the kernel, which is running on sb1 core. 
i need to allocate a large memory region for my data (32MB), which is far 
beyond what kmalloc can provide for me. 
i do not want to use vmalloc, since it will allocate the memory out of 
KSEG2, which is too slow and will generate too many exceptions when i 
have to access my data randomly. 
i was thinking of limiting the linux from accessing the highest physical 
32MB by using "mem=224M" kernel command line parameter. this was i 
can access my data using 0x8e000000 through KSEG1. 
is this safe ? anything i need to consider before moving forward with that 
approach ? 

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