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Re: JVM under Linux on MIPS

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Subject: Re: JVM under Linux on MIPS
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:54:56 +0100
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I developed a patch to post-Transvirtual Kaffe 1.0.7 that allows it to pass
all its internal regression tests and run the Spec JVM98 benchmarks
on MIPS/Linux on a MIPS Malta/5Kc system (little endian)
using H.K.'s "Red Hat" distribution (with an update to the X11
stuff).  The necessary code has been integrated into the Kaffe
CVS repository if you check out the current sources, or you
can apply the patch at
to the 1.0.7 source release on the site.
Note that I did *not* get the JIT functioning fully.  It will run some
programs (including Caffeinemark) but contains the same bugs in
argument passing that I fixed for the interpreter linkage to native
methods, but the same fix doesn't quite work there, and I ran out of time
to look at it.  You therefore need to run configure with --with-engine=intrp
and to not expect miraculous performance.
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Subject: JVM under Linux on MIPS


   Has anyone had any success running any open source JVMs (other than Cobalt machines running Transvirtual's Kaffe) under Linux/MIPS.

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