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RE: MIPS Malta board Linux installation

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Subject: RE: MIPS Malta board Linux installation
From: ncrook <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:59:32 -0700
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Hmm. The kernel is very old. (2.2). I suggest you grab something like
2.4.18 or later.. you don't need the root filesystem yet, just the kernel.
The fact that the LED display doesn't start scrolling indicates something
is going wrong quite early on.


- grab a mips-malta kernel version 2.4.18 or later
- try flipping your machine to Little Endian and try a little-endian
  kernel (shouldn't make any difference)

after that, time to read the source...


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Subject: AW: MIPS Malta board Linux installation 

I tried again. The result is same. 
The green LED display shows 'LINUX' not 'LINUX on malta'. All the status LED
are green except the LED rst is off. There are 2 kernel images(el and eb),
one of them is vmlinux-2.2.12.mips.malta.eb-01.05.srec, which is the current
one. I double checked my console and its baud rate is 38400. 
  From this symptom, what kind of conclusion can you draw?

  Best regards,


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