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problematic big endian ramdisk...

Subject: problematic big endian ramdisk...
From: "Yogish Patil" <>
Date: 26 Feb 2003 11:49:44 -0000
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Reply-to: "Yogish Patil" <>
I am unable to make a working big endian ramdisk.

I have tried big endian ramdisk from
and sorry to say this is simply not big endian ramdisk.
i find in mailing list other people also complaining about this...

when trying to execve it gives me ENOEXEC error that is because
first few bytes of elf header are swapped.

specific problem is in identifying the e_type and e_machine fields
in elf header of executables.
expected value of e_type is 0x2(ET_EXEC) amd e_machine is
but those are read as 0x200 and 0x800 respectivly ..this is
obviously the endianness problem.

but if i try the big endian ramdisk from debian it just goes fine. but this is precompiled busybox hence i can't add my stuff there.

can anybody point to a link for downloading a correct big endian

with regards,

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