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IDT RC5000 ll/lld bug on 64-bit address?

Subject: IDT RC5000 ll/lld bug on 64-bit address?
From: Vivien Chappelier <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:01:24 +0100 (CET)
Original-recipient: rfc822;

        I think I'm facing an hardware bug with the IDT RV5000 CPU of the
SGI O2 (prid = 0x2321), and would like to know if someone else has faced
it or knows about it. When executing a load linked on a 64-bit address
(XKPHYS cache mode 3 in tested case), it seems the data is loaded directly
in secondary cache/system memory instead of the D-cache. Executing a
standard load operation on the same address loads the correct data, i.e.
lld %0, 0(%1) ; load the old content at address %1 in %0
ld %0, 0(%1)  ; load the correct content at address %1 in %0 
If I execute a writeback on the cache line before accessing it with the
ll/lld instruction, the data read is correct. ll/lld work correctly on
KSEG0 addresses though (in cache mode 3 too). I've also checked ll/lld
work correcly on the O2 R10000.

I'm actually hitting the bug while booting the kernel, in free_bootmem_core
(linux-2.5.47, mm/bootmem.c:125). test_and_clear_bit  
(include/asm-mips64/bitops.h:220) returns false, meaning the bit was
already cleared whereas it is not. All bdata->node_bootmem_map is
initialized to 0xff in init_bootmem_core (mm/bootmem.c:63), but the lld in
test_and_clear bit loads a 0 instead.

The processor errata ( only
speak of a bug with LLaddr being loaded with the virtual address instead
of the physical one, which doesn't seem related to my problem.

Sounds familiar to someone?


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