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Re: [patch] VR4181A and SMVR4181A

Subject: Re: [patch] VR4181A and SMVR4181A
From: Kunihiko IMAI <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 05:00:33 +0900
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On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 18:20:47 +0100
Julian Scheel <> wrote:

> This don't helps for me. I get the same error, but with "cop00x21" instead of
> standby.

I'm sorry for shorten explanation.  Now I'm at home and have enough
document here...

o Rewrite 'standby' only in inline-assembler code, not any C symbol.

o Rewrite 'standby' with 'c0 0x21'.
  Space or tab is required between 'c0' and '0x21'.

  I thought 'cop0' op-code is also acceptable, but it may be my

How I did to examine the mnemonic 'c0':

1. The users manual of VR-series says that machine code of 'standby'
   instruction is 0x42000021.

2. Make a file which contains only this code;
        perl -e 'printf "\x21\x00\x00\x42";' > standby.bin
        (Byte sequence is reversed because of little-endian)

3. Disassemble the file
        mipsel-linux-objdump -b binary -mmips:4600 -D standby.bin

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