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Re: which kernel tree for Au1500?

To: Tibor Polgar <>
Subject: Re: which kernel tree for Au1500?
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: 05 Feb 2003 11:37:48 -0800
Cc: Bruno Randolf <>,
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Organization: MontaVista Software
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On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 09:52, Tibor Polgar wrote:
> > we are developing a board based on the Au1500 SOC and we need to adapt the
> > linux kernel for it. since we need something working soon, we will
> > concentrate on the 2.4 version.
> We are just finishing up an Au1500 project right now.  FCS was yesterday!!!  
> What we did was:
> 1) get from AMD the PB1500 development CD.  It has an "old" 2.4.17 kernel
> along with MontaVista's HardHat Linux toolkit that's cross compiled to work on
> x86 platforms.  If you have the $$$, MontaVista offers great support for the
> Au1500 based stuff.  Their toolkit is top notch.
> 2) If you didn't already get from AMD a PB1500, do it.  The development
> platform is a very nice start and will save you may weeks of code testing
> headaches (and cause a few special ones).  At least for us here in USA, AMD
> "loaned" a board at no charge, i.e. a purchase order is signed but they never
> bill you.  We're projected to buy some 25,000 Au1500s per year from them so
> that probably helped.
> 3) From there, look at the 2.4 latest CVS tree on linux-mips and Pete's own
> 36-bit mods in   
> AMD/MontaVista also released a 2.4.18 "like" linux but its a bit rough.

This was not part of a MV release, or AMD "release" for that matter. I
think the rough port you got was from the working directory of an
engineer at AMD, before I had a chance to update MVL 3.0
does support all three Pb1x boards and after the install, you're ready
to go.

> 4) there are lots of other resources and headaches if you plan to cross
> compile X, gtk, etc.
> 5) we are flash based and used the special mods Pete put in to the 2.4.17
> kernel to support zImage flash booting.  We're using YAMON as our monitor and
> with a few changes have a pretty nice setup - boot wise.

The zImage bits are not in I suppose I should create a
patch and put it in my directory; one of these days :)


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