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uart 16550 undefined state...

Subject: uart 16550 undefined state...
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 5 Feb 2003 15:33:41 -0000
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Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>

A small generic question ..

Have any body experienced undefined state of ns16550A Uart chip , especially during REinitialisation..

I get it when i my bootloader uses uart0 and later after loding kernel through serial link and using in my kernel command line console=ttyS0 then in init/main.c , console_init() or open("/dev/console",....) the serial port is again
setup via serial_console_setup() or rs_open() like interfaces.
even afer taking care of same baudspeed it just send junk characters.

though initialising a uart is extremly simple.only difference betwen bootloader and kernel initialization i can see regarding polling/interrupt mode.

if i mask those code in serial.c ..i don't have any problem..
but why it happens, what special sequence of initialisation can avoid this problem..

Best Regards,

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