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Re: A problem about gprof

Subject: Re: A problem about gprof
From: "Bill Calaway" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 09:37:32 -0500
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Often there are seperate precompiled versions of libraries that where compiled 
with profiling on.  For example, if you have glibc-profile installed you should 
change your -l into a -l_p.   Just a hunch, but check to see if you have a 
profiled version of the "e" library.

Bill Calaway

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:27:16  
 ZhouY.external wrote:
>Hi dear experts,
>  In order to use the gprof in the SDE 5.02 toolchain, I compiled a program
>with '-p' option but the compiler responsed with a error. I have checked the
>startup assembly code There is an address operation which need the
>address of '_ecode'. Which library has the symbol '_ecode'?  Could you give
>me a clue?
>  Thanks in advance!
>  Best regards,
>  Yidan
>PS. The following is the error messge:
>sde-gcc -O -g -mcpu=4kc -mips32 -EB -mno-float  -DGNUSIM -D__SIM
>  -I../../kit/GSIM32B/../gnusim   -c    -DMCRT0 ../../kit/share/ -o
>sde-gcc -g -p -mcpu=4kc -mips32 -EB -mno-float  -DGNUSIM -D__SIM
>  -I../../kit/GSIM32B/../gnusim   -c hello.c -o hello.o
>sde-make[1]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/c/sde/sde/kit/GSIM32B'
>sde-make[1]: Nothing to be done for `kit'.
>sde-make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/sde/sde/kit/GSIM32B'
>sde-gcc -mcpu=4kc -mips32 -EB -mno-float   -Ttext 80000400
>../../kit/GSIM32B/ramstart.o mcrt0.o hello.o   -lc  -lram -lgcc -lc -le
>-lram -l
>c -lgcc ../../kit/GSIM32B/crtn.o -o ex1ram
>mcrt0.o: In function `__fini':
>efined reference to `_ecode'
>efined reference to `_ecode'
>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>sde-make: *** [ex1ram] Error 1

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