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Re: Anyone running crashme?

To: "Greg Lindahl" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Anyone running crashme?
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:41:43 +0100
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Actiually, we've been using crashme at MIPS
for several years now, both to torture the Linux 
kernel and to push our chip designs into unexpected 
corner cases.  We found a fair number of kernel
bugs, and fixed them in our internal sources
(snapshots are generally available under )
and have pushed our fixes out toward the
mainline distributions.  That's not to say that
they all get there.

Two things to watch out for: There is a class
of crashme misbehavior, usually manifest in
forked threads that do not terminate correctly
until the program is shut down, that arises not
from a kernel bug, but from a libc built with
downrev kernel headers.  And if you have a
CPU that supports EJTAG, you either need to
make sure that your boot ROM has code at the
EJTAG debug exception vector that jumps to the
EJTAG kseg0 pseudo-vector used by the Linux
kernel (well, *our* Linux kernel anyway ;-), 
or you need to put a filter in crashme to ensure 
that it does not generate EJTAG debug breakpoint 

But I'm glad to see that someone else is using it.

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Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 2:26 AM
Subject: Anyone running crashme?

> I've been running crashme a little against Linux mips, and from the
> bugs I immediately found I suspect that no one's been running it.
> Crashme generates random bytes and then executes them, catching the
> resulting signals and generating more random bytes. The random number
> seed is provided by the user, so that problems are repeatable.
> If you like debugging, you can find the source at:
> -- greg

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