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IDE module problem

Subject: IDE module problem
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:58:42 -0800
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If you configure IDE support as a module (CONFIG_IDE), you
will soon find that ide-std.o and ide-no.o are missing.
This is because arch/mips/lib/Makefile says:

obj-$(CONFIG_IDE)               += ide-std.o ide-no.o

Here are the possible fixes.  I'd like to hear your feedbacks.

1) change file so that CONFIG_IDE only
has a binary state (y or n)

2) change Makefile so that ide-std.o and ide-no.o are always
included.  Waste about 1K for systems don't use them at all.

3) use some smart trick in Makefile so that we include those
two files only if CONFIG_IDE is 'y' or 'm'.  (How?)


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