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Re: The 64-bit version of __access_ok is broken.

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: The 64-bit version of __access_ok is broken.
From: Dominic Sweetman <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:54:20 +0000
Cc: Carsten Langgaard <>, Dominic Sweetman <>,,,
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> > > The __access_ok macro in include/asm-mips64/uaccess.h and the
> > > check_axs macro in arch/mips64/kernel/unaligned.c ... is a copy
> > > from the 32-bit kernel...
> > >
> > > The area between USEG (XUSEG) and KSEG0 will in 64-bit
> > > addressing mode generate an address error, if accessed.

I'd like to be clear about the consequences of this.  Presumably the
'access_ok()' macro is used to check addresses which were (originally)
provided by a user program's system call.

Carsten, are you saying that if such an address is set to say 2**41 in
a CPU supporting 40-bit user virtual addresses, that the kernel will

If so, that seems to require a fix, even if we don't know a very
efficient one.  But perhaps any problem is a bit more subtle than

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