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ret_from_sys_call in entry.S

Subject: ret_from_sys_call in entry.S
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 6 Dec 2002 12:14:29 -0000
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Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>
Hello ,

Excuse me for putting a tentative question.

I have a obscure problem of pagefault at unlikely address
that is pinned down to ret_from_sys_call called from
nopage_tlbl -> DO_FAULT -> ret_from_sys_call(nowdays ret_from excep-
tion) during execing userspace programmes.

also due to sone resons out of my control my working source tree
appears to be hacked too much.

I have one entry.S in linux 2.4.17 having top line like

/* $Id: entry.S,v 1.19 1999/12/08 22:05:10 harald Exp

with ret_from_sys_call like


        /* Check to see if the current task
         * needs to be resscheduled
        lw      t2, TASK_NEED_RESCHED($28)
        bnez    t2, reschedule

and one entry.S in some earlier version of entry.S with top line
  /* $Id: entry.S,v 2001/04/30 10:53:58 carstenl Exp $

here the ret_from_sys_call is just Blank like this


                .type   ret_from_irq,@function

i am curently using this later one .
but i amn't able to follow the changes for ret_from_sys_call between these two versions.

Best Regards,

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