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hazards during DO_FAULT macro..

Subject: hazards during DO_FAULT macro..
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 4 Dec 2002 10:17:41 -0000
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>
My problem is that during return of sys_execve i get a page fault on userspace address (0x004000b0) but the pt_regs address in do_page_fault I get is 0x8013a61c which is actually envp_init arguement passed in execve("/bin/sh",argv_init,envp_init);

I was trying to debug where my pt_regs pointer got thrased during do_page_fault()

I found following stuff very strange.

macro Do_FAULt(write) expands like..

#define DO_FAULT(write) \
        .set    noreorder; \
        .set    noat; \
        SAVE_ALL; \
        STI; \
        nop; \
        .set    at; \
        move a0, sp; \
        jal     do_page_fault; \
        li     a1, write; \
        nop; \
        j       ret_from_sys_call; \
        nop; \
       .set    noat;

this macro is called by handle_tlbx() routines.
when I tracked this problem and i observed my pt_regs address
looked o.k. and apparently right till after STI; \ and just before instruction mfc0 a2, CP0_BADVADDR;
this i found by putting following instructions,

move  a0,sp; \
jal show_regs; \
nop; \

later it jumps to do_page_fault() ,and pt_regs address there equals unexpectedly to envp_init and from thereon everythings goes wrong..

I also tried with negating STI; \ , but same result.

problamatic assembly code for DO_FAULT macro is following.

.set noat; \
8001e694:  03a02021     move    $a0,$sp               ----{
8001e698: 0c03bba8 jal 800eeea0 <show_regs> my debug code of show_regs() pt_regs address is o.k..
8001e69c:       00000000        nop                   ---}

8001e6a0:       40086000        mfc0    $t0,$12     -----{
8001e6a4:       3c091000        lui     $t1,0x1000
8001e6a8:       3529001f        ori     $t1,$t1,0x1f
8001e6ac: 01094025 or $t0,$t0,$t1 STI macro code , though i tried without STI for testing purpose, as well
8001e6b0:       3908001e        xori    $t0,$t0,0x1e
8001e6b4:       40886000        mtc0    $t0,$12
8001e6b8:       40064000        mfc0    $a2,$8      -----}
8001e6c4:       03a02021        move    $a0,$sp
8001e6c8:       0c007e34        jal     8001f8d0 <do_page_fault>
-----{now in do_page_fault() pt_regs address is erronousely
        different in my case it is equal to envp_init.  }
8001e6cc:       24050000        li      $a1,0
8001e6d0:       00000000        nop
8001e6d4:       08006a9a        j       8001aa68 <ret_from_irq>

what kind of hazard happening..?

Best Regards,

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