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Re: Latest sources from CVS.

To: "Carsten Langgaard" <>, "Ralf Baechle" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Latest sources from CVS.
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:09:54 +0100
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> I just checked the latest sources out of cvs.
> It look like you are only able to compile the kernel, if you got a
> MIPS32/MIPS64 compliant compiler.
> The mips32 and mips64 assembler directives are set in
> include/asm-mips/mipsregs.h
> I guess this will make some people out there, which doesn't use a MIPS32
> compliant compiler, a little bit unhappy.
> But then again, we would like to force everybody to use the SDE
> compiler.

For those on the list who don't understand Carsten's sense
of humour, I think that was missing a smiley!  ;-)
I mean, sure, we'd like to move more people toward SDE, 
but "force" is putting it a bit strongly!  And if those directives
are really being used unconditionally, I worry that the code
being generated is likewise emitting MIPS32 instructions
that won't work on the "ghost fleet" of abandoned workstations
now running Linux on R4K/R5K CPUs.

            Kevin K.

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