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pt_regs gets lost during exception handling.

Subject: pt_regs gets lost during exception handling.
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 29 Nov 2002 11:37:59 -0000
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Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>

Here is a strange case of struct pt_regs* getting corupted.

call sequence when /bin/sh getting exec'ed
sys_execve -> do_execve -> search_binary_handle -> load_elf_binary -

--> padzero -> handle_tlbs -> do_page_fault(prints wrong regs address)

I have checked throughut from do_execve till before padzero the
regs( struct pt_regs*) is 0x801fded

inside  padzero it print the regs address and
dump of show_regs(regs) is like this---

Regs address is 0x801fded8

$0 : 00000000 8014b793 00000fab 00000060
$4 : 800efcb0 8013a5f4 8013a61c 0000000a
$8 : 800ef5ac ffffffff 00000000 8014b7c0
$12: 8014b7c1 0000002c 00000001 8014b793
$16: 8014b7c0 1000ff01 0000003e 80023ca0
$20: 8010e000 800efcad 80000000 00000000
$24: 0000002d 00000010
$28: 801fc000 801fdf88 8013a5f4 80018318
epc   : 80018344
Status: 1000ff03 ( kernel mode )
Cause : 00000020  (syscall exception)

now padzero() calculates page offset for elf_bss that comes 0xea8. now immediately the do_page_fault() for write access on 0x10001ea8
is generated and it prints  like this...

Page Fault on addres 0x10001ea8 and Regs address is 0x10000000.

I was expecting the regs address passed as first arguement
in do_page_fault() to be same as 0x801fded8.

Am I correct..?

secondly in susequent page faults the regs address is printed
as 0x8013a5f4 which is the address of argv_init from


in MACRO DO_FAULT(write) we have code piece like,

move a0,sp; \
jal do_page_fault; \
li a1,write

is the sp in first instruction not correct ?

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