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quick question for CONFIG_MIPS_UNCACHED...

Subject: quick question for CONFIG_MIPS_UNCACHED...
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 26 Nov 2002 12:17:33 -0000
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>
In order to confirm a cache problem is it sufficient to set
"CONFIG_MIPS_UNCACHED" , as in so many places functions to
operate on cache are called directly while they should under
"#ifdef CONFIg_MIPS_UNCACHED" if not technically then atleast
for consistent coding practice.

I am setting uncached opertion by,
change_cp0_config(CONF_CM_CMASK, CONF_CM_UNCACHED);
now should the dump_tlb_all() show the "page coherency atributes"
for all entries "UNCACHED" anywhere in 4GB it true ?
why in my case for some entries it is still showing "Cacheable, noncoherent, write-through, no write allocate" ?

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