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Re: Problem about porting mips kernel

Subject: Re: Problem about porting mips kernel
From: "" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 02:42:22 +0000
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I carefully check the codes of TLB, but no any problem found.
And I debug my kernel, I found that before init task jump into application, it means after do_execve, sp is 0. it is for __strnlen_user_asm function return invalid result. And I done a little change(only for test), the system stop after ret_from_syscall. In normal, it should jump to user space to execute user task. before ret_from_syscall, the start_thread arguments is:"elf_entry:0x2aaa8a00,user_sp is:0x7fff7f40,cp0_status is:0x200cc13".I determine that the arguments are correct. But why my application cann't run at all?
>   these days, I am busy with porting mips kernel to a board with vr4131
> core. This board has only SIU serial port, and some hw have been
> Now, I have ported the kernel to it, and modified hw run well. But so
> puzzling me, the execution file cann't run at all. If some one can help
> or give some advices. I have been crazy for the problem. Off hat for
> help. Thanks a lot.
>  btw, I use the ramdisk with busybox.

In general this kind of problem means the tlb or cache code for a
platform is faulty or the kernel not configured properly.


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