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Re: Problems generating shared library for MIPS using binutils-2.13...

To: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Subject: Re: Problems generating shared library for MIPS using binutils-2.13...
From: Richard Sandiford <>
Date: 05 Nov 2002 15:19:04 +0000
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"Steven J. Hill" <> writes:
> In the '_bfd_mips_elf_final_write_processing' function in 'bfd/elfxx-mips.c'
> If I print out the EF_MIPS_ARCH flags for the input BFD descriptor. It
> is properly set to 'MIPS2', but when the case statement in
> '_bfd_mips_elf_final_write_processing' is traversed, it
> uses the R3000/default case which means that the target CPU architecture
> didn't get put into the BFD descriptor.

Is it related to this?


(In the message body, I accidentally copied the code after
the patch rather than before.  Sorry about that.)

Anyway, that patch won't solve your problem, but the issue
seems to be the same: _bfd_mips_elf_merge_private_bfd_data()
merges the EF_MIPS_ARCH and EF_MIPS_MACH bits, but
_bfd_mips_elf_final_write_processing() overwrites them
based on the BFD mach.

Personally, I think _bfd_mips_elf_final_write_processing()
is doing the right thing.  Surely we ought to be able to
set EF_MIPS_ARCH and EF_MIPS_MACH based on the value of

I wonder whether _bfd_mips_elf_merge_private_bfd_data() should
be checking for compatibility based on the BFD machs rather
than the header flags.  It seems a bit odd that we check the
ISA level and "machine" separately.

In other words, replace:

  /* Compare the ISA's.  */
  if ((new_flags & (EF_MIPS_ARCH | EF_MIPS_MACH))
      != (old_flags & (EF_MIPS_ARCH | EF_MIPS_MACH)))

with code that checks bfd_get_mach (ibfd) against bfd_get_mach (obfd).
If ibfd's architecture is an extension of obfd's, copy it to obfd.


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