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ramdisk loading scheme...

Subject: ramdisk loading scheme...
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 24 Oct 2002 13:43:22 -0000
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which is better scheme..

either to include compressed ramdisk in kernel image image itself identified by binary_ramdisk_gz_start symbol
or load ramdisk seperately.

I am using compressed ramdisk image as part
of vmlinux and later converting it into a binary image
as reqd. by bootloader.

in this piece of file it shows that
ramdisk is included at the end of data section(_edata).

000000800f3f08 D prom_console_driver
00000000800f4000 D __rd_start
00000000800f4000 D _binary_ramdisk_gz_
0000000080187960 D __rd_end
0000000080187960 D _binary_ramdisk_gz_
0000000080188000 A __bss_start
0000000080188000 A _edata

this is done by following Makefile and ld.script

in Makefile i have
ramdisk.o: ramdisk.gz ld.script
$(LD) -no-warn-mismatch -T ld.script -b binary - o $@ ramdisk.gz

in ld.script I have ,

  .initrd :

one question is that is it necessary to include comprese ramdisk at the end of data section ..?

rd_image_load is zero which i think is alright as it indicates the offset in ram (device that holds initrd).

i am facing problems in execving the /bin/sh in main.c as it accesses some wrong address in do_page_fault i doubt there may be some issues when i am uncompressing the ramdisk and all though i am being reported for corect length and crc for ramdisk in boot messages.

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