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Will this board run Linux?

Subject: Will this board run Linux?
From: Justin Wojdacki <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:32:55 -0700
Organization: Analog Devices, Communications Processors Group
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Okay, I just scored from work some old gear that isn't in use. One of
the things in question is a SBC based around an NEC Vr5000. The back
of the board has the labels "Smart Modular Tech" and "PCB Jupiter Rev
01". In addition to the CPU, it's got a Dallas Semiconductor RTC,
several Zilog and Altera chips, 2 COM + 1 Parallel Port, Ethernet,
SCSI, a few 72 pin SIMM sockets, and a PCI slot. The ethernet chip is
an Intel 82596DX-25. The SCSI is driven by an LSI 53C810A. 

The obvious question then is, does this board already run linux? I
haven't been able to find any documentation on it yet, so if the
answer is "No", but somebody knows about this board, I'd look into
doing the porting work.

Justin Wojdacki         (408) 350-5032
Communications Processors Group -- Analog Devices

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