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Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work

Subject: Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work
From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:02:50 -0400
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>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Wilson <> writes:

 >> Can gcc not to emit nop nor noreorder when it tries to fill the
 >> delay slot with nop?

 Jim> You never want the assembler to try to fill delay slots.
 Jim> Consider a compiler optimization like software pipelining. ...
 Jim>  Meanwhile, we need to get out of
 Jim> the habit of relying on assembler optimizations.  In the long
 Jim> run, assembler optimizations are bad, and we need to stop using
 Jim> them as soon as possible.  Gcc should emit .set
 Jim> nomacro/noreorder/noat/etc at the begining of its assembly
 Jim> output, and never turn them on.

Makes sense to me.  As an assembly language programmer, I do the same
thing in handwritten code, for the same reasons.


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