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Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work

To: Dominic Sweetman <>
Subject: Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work
From: Alexandre Oliva <>
Date: 15 Oct 2002 10:48:53 -0300
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On Oct 15, 2002, Dominic Sweetman <> wrote:

> Alexandre,

>> I know the problem that branch relaxation [aka delay-slot filling by
>> the assembler] is intended to solve

You got something wrong when you added this editor note.  Branch
relaxation and delay-slot filling are an entirely different issues.
Compare branch relaxation, that turns:

beq $t4,foo
[.... lots of code such that the branch is out of range....]


bne $t4,0f,foo
j foo
[.... lots of code that won't make the jump out of range....]

with delay-slot filling, that turns:

move $a0,$s3
jal foo


jal foo
move $a0,$s3

See any resemblance?  Me neither.

The rest of your posting seems to be based on the mis-assumption that
branch relaxation and delay-slot filling are the same thing, so I'll
refrain from making further comments.

As for schedule, it's definitely not for 3.1, since 3.1 is already
out, and so is 3.2, and even 3.3 is already feature-frozen.  As the
name of the mips rewrite branch says, it's targeted at 3.4.

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