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Re: FCSR Management

To: "Jun Sun" <>
Subject: Re: FCSR Management
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:29:25 +0200
Cc: <>
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From: "Jun Sun" <>
> > Am I missing something, or is this a problem?
> >
> FPE exceptions, actually almost all exceptions, are cleared before their
> handlers are invoked.  See kernel/entry.S and look for BUILD_HANDLER().
> Those macro defines are really mind-twisting and usually don't show up on
> grep radar...

Right you are.  Thanks.  Maciej gave me a bit of a scare there. ;-)
In an ideal universe, the unmodified FCSR which is correctly 
passed as a parameter to handle_fpe() (now that I look at entry.S,
it all comes back.. ;-) would be passed on as part of the
signal "payload" if SIGFPE is caught, but at least things
aren't drastically broken.

            Kevin K.

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