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Compressed kernel image

Subject: Compressed kernel image
From: Johannes Stezenbach <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:16:05 +0200
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for the embedded Linux project I'm working on I needed the
ability to boot a compressed kernel image from ROM, i.e.
uncompress it to RAM and jump to the kernel entry.

So I took some parts from arch/i386/boot/compressed,
and some from and
hacked up something which works for me.

The appended patch is incomplete as I removed anything
specific to my platform. To use it for a different platform
you would need:

- A head.S which works for your board. Depending on what
  your bootloader does, you probably don't need the
  cache flushing stuff.
- For debug output, you need a putc() implementation; maybe
  the included uart16550.c works for you. If you think you don't
  need to debug anything ;-), you could use a dummy putc().
- Set some configuration variables in the Makefile. I tested
  both booting from ROM and loading the zImage to RAM, then
  uncompressing to some different area in RAM.
  Note: For my platform I allocate a 2MB frame buffer at
  0x80002000 in unified memory, so reuse this space
  for uncompressing the zImage.

I hope the patch is of use to someone. Comments are welcome.


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