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Cobalt NASRaq patches

Subject: Cobalt NASRaq patches
From: Karsten Merker <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 22:48:41 +0200
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Hallo everybody,

Peter de Schrijver and I have been working on the support for the Cobalt
NASRaq. The results are several patches, of which the first three are IMHO
ready for inclusion into oss cvs (patches are short and self-explaining and
should not have any side effects). These are:

- cobalt-2.4-20020908-2-galileo.diff
  Small change in the code fragment distinguishing between "old" and
  "new" galileo chipsets). The old code did not take into account that
  there are systems with newer chip revisions than 0x10.

- cobalt-2.4-20020908-2-rootdev.diff
  Allow setting the root device through a config option. The firmware
  of the MIPS-based Cobalt systems does not allow to pass commandline
  parameters to the kernel, so the root device has to be compiled in.

- cobalt-2.4-20020908-2-serial.diff
  The NASRaq has an ST16C650 serial controller, which has some differences
  in the register set in comparison to the standard 16C550 which need to
  be handled.

Besides these, the tulip driver needs some patches, too. These are not yet
ready for inclusion into cvs and will be submitted later.

Ralf, Maciej, could you please apply the appended patches?

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