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patch to kaweth.c to align IP header

Subject: patch to kaweth.c to align IP header
From: Quinn Jensen <jensenq@Lineo.COM>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 12:26:58 -0600
Organization: Lineo, Inc.
Original-recipient: rfc822;
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The Kawasaki LSI USB Ethernet driver was causing a crash
in ipt_do_table() on mips because the address fields in
the IP header were not word aligned.  Many (all?) other
ethernet drivers do an skb_reserve of 2 to word align
the address fields, and doing this in kaweth.c fixed
my crash.

kernel: 2.4.17
hardware: Netgear EA101 USB Ethernet


diff -puN -r -X - linux/drivers/usb/kaweth.c linux.modified/drivers/usb/kaweth.c
--- linux/drivers/usb/kaweth.c  Tue Nov 13 10:19:41 2001
+++ linux.modified/drivers/usb/kaweth.c Tue Sep  3 16:07:08 2002
@@ -514,6 +514,7 @@ static void kaweth_usb_receive(struct ur
                skb->dev = net;
+               skb_reserve(skb, 2);    /* Align IP on 16 byte boundaries */
                eth_copy_and_sum(skb, kaweth->rx_buf + 2, pkt_len, 0);
                skb_put(skb, pkt_len);

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