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MTD drivers and byte/word mode

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Subject: MTD drivers and byte/word mode
From: "Stephen Mose Aaskov" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 19:17:23 +0200
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I´m working on a 2.4 port to a design with FLASH devices connected through a 16 bit bus.
The FLASH (AMD) is set to word mode.
I have quite a hard time trying to understand the FLASH geometry settings and calculations of the addresses used for CFI query etc.
It looks as if the adresses calculated by cfi_build_cmd_addr() is the double of what my FLASH chips are using.
eg. the CFI query is written to 0xaa where my chip in word mode expects the query command to be written to 0x55
Is there any direct support in the MTD driver for differentiating between word/byte mode ?
The buswidth is set to 16 bits (=2), and interleave to 1 (I have two chips sharing the bus, not in parallel)
Stephen Mose Aaskov
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