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CONFIG_MIPS_IVR change for arch/mips/

Subject: CONFIG_MIPS_IVR change for arch/mips/
From: Tom Collins <>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 08:50:18 -0700
I'm not a subscriber to the list, so if anyone has questions or responses, please email me directly.

I have a machine based on the Globespan IVR board, and just got done fighting through an upgrade from 2.4.2 to 2.4.19. In the process, I determined that (at least for my configuration), CONFIG_PCI_AUTO should not be set. When set, the I/O mappings for my devices (USB) were out of whack, and I was unable to use one of the on-board USB chips.

Here's the configuration as it stands on my machine now:

if [ "$CONFIG_MIPS_IVR" = "y" ]; then
define_bool CONFIG_PCI y
define_bool CONFIG_PC_KEYB y
define_bool CONFIG_NEW_PCI y
define_bool CONFIG_PCI_AUTO n
define_bool CONFIG_IT8172_CIR y
define_bool CONFIG_NEW_IRQ y
define_bool CONFIG_NEW_TIME_C y

I am still working on a problem with a PCI card on the unit though. It's a USB 2.0 interface which appears to the kernel as two OHCI (1.0) interfaces and one EHCI (2.0) interface. Right now, the kernel doesn't find the EHCI interface. If I find that changing other settings (like CONFIG_NEW_PCI) results in that interface showing up (without blowing up the others), I'll be sure to tell the list.

Can someone here please make sure this change gets into the 2.4.20 kernel? I haven't been using the 2.5 kernels because the last one I tried (2.5.25) wouldn't compile on my platform.

Tom Collins
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