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boot hangs in execeving the shell

Subject: boot hangs in execeving the shell
From: "atul srivastava" <>
Date: 16 Aug 2002 11:26:24 -0000
Reply-to: "atul srivastava" <>
Hello All,

I have been able to boot linux on mips idt cpu , but it gets hanged while execving the "/bin/sh" in init/main.c.

it hangs after "submit_bh(READ...)" called from block_read_full_page (fs/buffer.c).

also if i use debugging functions like show_trace() or
show_stack() it reports

unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
and then oops process name it reports is "swapper".

this virtual address 000000c8 is quite strange.
as kernel starts from 0x80000000 onwards.

can initrd be faulty someway to cause this?

i have taken initrd from some other source which i amn't sure whether it is was compiled little or big endian.

my kernel is compiled with "mips-linux-" the big endian toolchain set.

anybody can share source for minimal rootfilesystem
so that i can compile appropiately and check.

Best Regards,

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