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RE: Question about generic\time.c 2.4.17

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Subject: RE: Question about generic\time.c 2.4.17
From: "Zajerko-McKee, Nick" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:02:53 -0400
Thanks for the reply.   No, the code wasn't too obvious.  I went through the
gas info page to try to understand the inline assembler options + see mips
run.  I believe the code is used in the MIPS32 condition, which is what mode
I'm building for...  

so the result is res = (high |low)/ base ?

What had me confused was high and low are also modified as part of the

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Subject: Re: Question about generic\time.c 2.4.17

On 23 Jul 2002, Nick Zajerko-McKee wrote:

> I'm working on a new 4Kc platform and was looking at the
> arch\mips\mips-boards\generic\time.c sources.  Can someone explain to me
> the function of do_fast_gettimeoffset(), especially the do_div64_32()
> assembler routine?  One of the requirements I have will be not modify
> the timer resolution for my platform to something in the msec range w/o
> disturbing the underlying jiffie setup found in linux.

 That's a traditional double-precision division, i.e. in this case it's a
64-bit dividend by a 32-bit divisor with a 32-bit quotient and a 32-bit
remainder (hmm, the code should be obvious).  It isn't used in the file,

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