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[uHOWTO] Booting a DECstation via MOP

Subject: [uHOWTO] Booting a DECstation via MOP
From: Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 20:39:19 +0200
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I've needed several attempts to get my /200 booting. This box mainly has
the problem of not being capable of doing tftp, which is kind of a
problem (especially if you've not got a bootable hard disk drive handy).

So you need a mopd daemon and might attempt to try a 'apt-get install
mopd'. Don't do it, it's not worth waiting now bandwidth. Basically,
this mopd isn't capable of booting an ELF kernel (like ./linux/vmlinux),
but will only accelt a.out images (or proprietary DEC images) which
cannot be created in an easy manner (at least, *I* don't know how to do

Instead of apt-get'ing a mopd, go to and download all of the files in
this directory (this will be mopd-2.5.3 at this moment plus several
patches. Extract the .tar.gz and apply all patches (you *may* need to
fix some .rej's depending on the order you apply these patches).

At least on my Alpha, I had to add '-DNOAOUT' to the CFLAGS in
./mopd-2.5.3/Makefile to let it compile. For booting a Linux kernel,
this is not a problem. Compile it, start it (I started it as './mopd
-a'), place your ELF Linux kernel (this is what normally gets generated
in ./linux/vmlinux) in /tftpboot/mop/ and be happy.

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