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Re: DECStation: Support for PMAZ-AA TC SCSI card?

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Subject: Re: DECStation: Support for PMAZ-AA TC SCSI card?
From: "Dave Airlie" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:21:28 +0100 (IST)
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about 30 mins coding should be able to hack around the two cards in one
system issue :-) (Flo did some work already).

only esp_virt_buffer and  scsi_current_length globals are used for the
PMAZ-A as far as I know, and only in the read path between
pmaz_dma_init_read and pmaz_dma_drain, also maybe the pmaz_cmd_buffer when
I look at it.

if there is nowhere in the esp to place them perhaps a priv void * needs
to be added to the NCR core code and used to store this stuff, I meant to
do it at the time, but twas 2 years ago and at the moment I'm nearly as
far away from my DecStation as physically possible and not getting any
closer for the forseeable :-)

My reason of course was I didn't really know much about TC and that such a
card existed orignally, and the original code only handled one IO-ASIC
(which I think is okay)...

Dave. in Laos.

> Hi Karel,
>> Sorry, same result. See attached log.
>  Thanks for the report.  Apart from missing WB flushing, there is
> nothing
> obviously broken in the PMAZ-A code -- I'll look at the problem more
> deeply later.  The driver seems to work to some extent as it was able to
> retrieve inquiry data, so it's not broken in principle.
>  It would be great if you could check if the driver works for the /200's
> onboard PMAZ-A.  If it worked there, I'd suspect a bug in the NCR53C8x
> support core.  But please don't put a second PMAZ-A into your /200 --
> for an unclear reason the driver only supports a single I/O ASIC-based
> HBA and a single additional PMAZ-A board.  All PMAZ-A boards share
> operational variables with one another, so using more than a single one
> leads to data corruption.
>   Maciej
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> +  Maciej W. Rozycki, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland   +
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