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Current CVS (2.4.19-rc1) broken on DECstations

Subject: Current CVS (2.4.19-rc1) broken on DECstations
From: Karsten Merker <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 21:25:03 +0200
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Hallo everybody,

it looks like the current 2.4 cvs (currently 2.4.19-rc1) is 
broken on DECstations. The kernel boots on a DS 5000/150, but using
the onboard LANCE does not work. Using ifconfig gives a "SIOCSIFLAGS:
Resource temporarily not available and the kernel tells "lance: Can't get
DMA IRQ 24".

Besides the LANCE problems, everything else seems to work, although I
have not yet done extensive testing (fb, keyboard and harddisk seem to

Can anyone confirm this? Any idea what is broken? I am currently rather
short on time, so going back in CVS to find the date of breakage might
need some time.

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