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fpu woes (TX3912)

Subject: fpu woes (TX3912)
From: Ryan Martindale <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:04:35 -0700
I'm using the tx3912 processor for an embedded device and since it
doesn't have an fpu, I don't have coprocessor #1.  Recently, I remember
seeing a fix in process.c for exit_thread and flush_thread, and did
apply it - but there still is a problem (at least for me). In traps.c,
the save_fp_context and restore_fp_context are set to _save_fp_context
(in r2300_fpu.S) which don't check to see if I have a coprocessor
available. As I am rather new to the linux/linux-mips development world,
I thought I'd give a heads up (it is causing my embedded system to
crash). Any direction on fixing it would be welcome, but I'm not sure
I'll get to the point where I will submit any patches any time soon.

Ryan Martindale
QSI Corporation

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