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Re: Linux Boot sequence on MIPS??

To: Domcan Sami <>
Subject: Re: Linux Boot sequence on MIPS??
From: Justin Wojdacki <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 10:31:16 -0700
Organization: Analog Devices, Communications Processors Group
References: <>
Domcan Sami wrote:
> Hello everybody
>  I m trying to develop a Linux boot-loader for MIPS processor, can
> anybody help me sending the Linux boot sequence on MIPS. Any sites for
> reference? Thanks

Where do you expect to load the kernel from? And what CPU/Board? 

The basic process is to POST the board, load the kernel into SDRAM,
and run the kernel. Where you want to load the kernel from determines
the other initialization work you need to do. 

Alternately, have you looked at PMON? It may provide everything you
need for a MIPS-based system. 

Justin Wojdacki         (408) 350-5032
Communications Processors Group -- Analog Devices

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