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File permission handling

To: "Linux-Mips (E-mail)" <>
Subject: File permission handling
From: "Siders, Keith" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:22:05 -0500
I am attempting to bunzip and untar a file in an embedded system. The
application invokes a system() call to launch bzcat piped to tar. tar is
reporting the filenames, but refuses to untar complaining about permissions
violations. How do I get the files to untar successfully? Script invocation
is "bzcat -xk %s | tar xf -" and a filename is supplied to the string
argument through sprintf(). What am I doing wrong here? 

BTW, for those who would throw up security warning flags, this is an
enclosed box where I don't have much worry about security issues revolviing
around forking a shell script.

Keith Siders
Software Engineer
 Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc.
Advanced Television Technology Center
801 Royal Parkway, Suite 100
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
Phone: (615) 257-4050
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