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Re: Kernel - arch support(mips)

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Subject: Re: Kernel - arch support(mips)
From: "David Christensen" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 14:16:13 -0700
Cc: "Domcan Sami" <>
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> 1)I'm using is a Galileo Board EV64120A.
> 2)It is a raw embedded target & does not support Linux. I'm trying to
> print a string by compiling code with RM7000 & directing the output
> via Serial Port to a WinNT HyperTerminal.

Searching on Google, it looks like you have a EV64120A-7000 made by
Galileo Technology, Inc..  It is a PCI card that plugs into a PC, and
includes the PMON ROM monitor in flash.  Galileo appears to have been
sold to Marvell (  I don't see support or search links
on the Marvell web site.  I don't see Galileo or EV64120A on their
product page.  I suggest you send them an e-mail asking if and what
support is available.

I was going to recommend the SDE-MIPS toolkit by Algorithmics, but I
don't see your board in their Programmer's Guide.  Try asking them if
they support it:

To be blunt, trying to make an older, slower, and unsupported board work
is going to be difficult.  It might not be possible.  If you can, get a
current, complete, and well-supported MIPS development system -- board,
ICE/JTAG, ROM monitor/ embedded OS, development toolchain, etc..

David Christensen

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