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virtual coherency issues with 4Kc ?

Subject: virtual coherency issues with 4Kc ?
From: Raymond Lo <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 15:22:41 -0700
Organization: BroadOn Communications
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I'm evaluting the MIPS 4Kc core. One thing I'm trying to find out is how does linux deal with virtual aliasing in the cache for 4Kc. The cache of 4Kc is virtually-indexed and it has no hardware support to suppress virtual aliasing. The cachetlb.txt under linux/Documentation indicates that two things need to be done in software to handle virtual aliasing in D-cache.

The first is to handle virtual aliasing in user address spaces. Shared pages are mmaped at virtual addresses that are multiples of the cache size. That has already been taked care of in include/asm-mips/shmparam.h.

The second is to handle virtual aliasing between kernel virtual address space and user virtual address space by providing a number of functions to flush the cache at various points in the kernel. The old interface is flush_page_to_ram. The new ones are

I'm surprised to find out that flush_dcache_page is a macro defined to be do {} while (0) in linux/asm-mips/pgtable.h. The source code I looked is the web CVS on and 2.4.18.

Apparently the necessary flushing hasn't been done from the mm and fs code for any MIPS port. I know this is not necessary for R4000 with virtual coherency execptions. I don't understand why it can be skipped for 4Kc. Can anybody shine some light on the subject?


P.S. The link is stale.

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