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Subject: SNI RM600
From: Florian Zumbiehl <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 01:56:23 +0200
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I last week had the pleasure to fiddle about a bit with an SNI RM600
(I hope it's not to my disadvantage to mention that it was at school,
but this fact might get important... ;-), though the pleasure was limited
a bit by the system installed on the machine being Reliant UNIX =;-)
So after all I thought it would be nice to install Linux (or some other
free OS, but Linux would be best for this environment I think) on this

After doing some research on the topic I came to the conclusion that
it wasn't a thing possible yet... :-/

As far as Woglinde (Henning Heinold or whatever name you know him under,
he pointed me to this ml) told me, the main problem in getting Linux
running on the RM600 is a lack of documentation - that's mostly all I
know. However I'd really like to get Linux running on the machine,
as I'd like to help with this - it's just that I currently don't have
much of a clue what to start with or whether it possibly is completely
pointless to try at all.

So, I'd appreciate quite much if you could just give me some hints on
what to read to get a clue or if you could tell me what the problems
are in getting Linux running on the RM600 and what you think it would
need to get around these problems, and possibly in which way I could
help you with this, or just whatever you think that it could be useful
for me ;-)

I'm sorry if this all has already been answered extensively - the
mailing list archive apparently isn't available atm, so I had no
chance to check it yet.

Also sorry if this mail looks a bit like I'm not totally clear
in my mind about what I'm writing about, actually that's just why
I'm doing so... ;-)

cyas, florz

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