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Re: RAMDISK problem on 79s334A board.

To: Venkata Rajesh Bikkina <>
Subject: Re: RAMDISK problem on 79s334A board.
From: "Tommy S. Christensen" <>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 14:30:45 +0200
References: <>
Venkata Rajesh Bikkina wrote:
> Hi Tommy,
> I am using 2.4.3 code and in that linux/mm/vmallo.c contains the following
> code which is slightly different from the patch you gave.
>         } while (address && (address < end));
>         unlock_kernel();
>         flush_tlb_all();
>         return ret;
> Can you please suggest how to modify this.
> Regards,
> --Rajesh

2.4.3 is quite old, so upgrading the kernel would clearly be a good idea.

Anyway, if you want to try this fix then you should remove the call to
flush_cache_all() at the top of vmalloc_area_pages() and change the line
flush_tlb_all() to flush_cache_all().


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